Joys of Boys

What makes being a boy mom so unique???  Dirt, food, paint, juice everywhere!!! Yes this is the reality of raising a little boy. He’s messy, defiant, and independent. He enjoys trying to take apart anything he can get his hands on, and learning the mechanics of how to work every door and cabinet in the house. Oh yea boys are also very curious and clumsy so I have learned to keep my poker face on for when Jackson rolls off the bed or runs into a wall. These things used to scare me to death but if you have a boy you will quickly get over this fear. But then there are days when he doesn’t feel so well and he just wants to cuddle, or shies away from a stranger knowing you will always protect him. The hugs and kisses after bath time…make all the chaos worth it. Being a boy mom is different and I have to embrace my inner child at times and enjoy making messes, being barefoot, and building things. I do wish sometimes that I could share my love of sewing and dog grooming with my son. But instead there are other ways we can share in activities we both enjoy. When I want to get creative we paint and my son loves this. And instead of prepping my son to be the next competition poodle groomer, I’m instilling in him a love for animals in general and how to be gentle and take good care of our pets.

I like balance being the only female in the house, so I take time for myself to get my nails done. Or go shopping even if it’s just online. I do my makeup and hair some days just for the fun of it, and so I remember what I look like with it on…

No matter what kids are all unique and have different challenges. But I do believe there is a special bond between a mother and son. And I feel so blessed having my husband Jacob and our beautiful boy Jackson. So what do you think??? Would you want to have a boy or girl after reading this?