Packing for baby’s First Beach Trip

Are you ready for salty waves and sun rays!!!!  So you have your hotel booked, all of your activities planned out, now comes the hard part of preparing for your vacation……Packing!!! But I compiled a list of things that you don’t want to forget when traveling with your toddler. The last thing you want to do when you arrive at your hotel is make a Target or Walmart run!!

First as I start packing I grabbed some ziploc bags large and small and a sharpie to label them with. I used the bags for anything that could leak out. Here is a detailed list of must haves to make this less stressful.

  • Medications…Tylenol, Motrin, constipation ease, zarbees cough and congestion, allergy meds, eye drops, travel first aid kit, diaper rash cream, aloe booty spray for diaper changes, bug spray..deet free of course and bug bands for mosquitos, and any essential oils you may use routinely.(Some of my toddlers must haves)
  • Diapers, diapers, and oh yea diapers!! ….all kinds and extra. I am packing swimmies, nighttime diapers and regulars. No cloth on my vacay and no potties.
  • Wipes…and bring extra for spills and messes in the car during travel. Extra wipes could never hurt.
  • Bathing suits, sunscreen, towels…I always pack extra towels because I have made the mistake of taking my family swimming only to realize I forgot towels. That is not a trip I ever want to relive. So I bring back up towels and swimsuits. I have 3 bottles of sunscreen including spray on it works much better for squirmy toddlers.
  • Sound box…I like to keep things as close to how they are in my own home when I travel so that my son feels comfortable.
  • Bedding…I always pack him a pillow, comforter, and his snuggle blanket or safety blanket. 
  • Bath toiletries…Shampoos, conditioner soaps, toothbrush, toothpaste, and lotions that he uses at home as well as some bath toys and bath bombs. These are relaxing and entertaining for baby.
  • Shoes…I bring a few different pairs just in case, along with a few pairs of socks.
  • Clothes…As far as clothing and pjs I am packing double the amount I will need just in case, and then some. You never know when you will have a diaper fail or food spills.
  • Toys…you should bring stuffed animals, iPad, toy phones, coloring books, crayons, books for reading, and some toys to play with in the sand. The crayons and coloring books come in handy when waiting to eat at restaurants after a long tiring day on the beach. I’m bringing flash cards and a few blocks and one new small surprise for when I really need backup. 
  • Life jacket…If going where there is water you should bring a coast guard approved life vest fitted for your child. Always!
  • Socket covers…they probably won’t have these at the hotel and my toddler has busy hands so I will want to make the room a little bit safer.
  • Snacks, snacks, and more snacks!!…You want the drive to be as pleasant as possible…this is your vacay right?  So I bring fruit pouches, juices, water, goldfish, cookies, extra sippy cups, dry cereal, and granola.
  • Camera Bag…you definitely don’t want to miss a perfect moment that you’ll want to preserve forever.  So camera equipment is a must especially if it’s baby’s first beach trip which will mean tons of photos. Make sure you bring battery pack, tripod and back up memory card, and if you really want some fun captures you can bring a waterproof camera for those action shots in the water. Plus you’ll want a photo for a fun memory jar that I’ll show you how to make in an upcoming post!!! So subscribe to my blog so you will get updates on my latest posts!!!Some of my must haves for my baby!!

Now that you have packed everything you need and more for your little one(as long as your bags are also packed!!), your ready to head off to the beach!!! And relax after all that deserve it!!!

Less whinin, more beachin! 

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