Friday the 13th

Hey guys I just wanted to pop in and share my quirky day so far. First I’ll start by saying I have been sick since Sunday but I’m a little better now. But anyway usually I get really nervous when we have a Friday that is the 13th. But this time I decided maybe if I don’t think about it my day will go smoothly because it’s probably my anxiety that makes the day go haywire. (Lol) Not!!! Today has still been crazy but not in a bad way. I still have to laugh because it’s rather funny how things keep happening.  Like this morning Jackson had Occupational therapy and we woke up late and I had a few minutes to get ready and 10 minutes before the therapist arrived I got caught up in the bathroom and I have no number to call and tell this lady to give me a second and I’ll answer the door. But I made it with seconds to spare, I was washing my hands when she knocked so it wall all good. Then Jackson decides to be standoffish today which is fine but he usually loves his therapists because it means play time!! On the up side he ate a cup of yogurt and some Doritos during OT which is a huge deal for him so…yay!!! Ok after therapy I find out his dad won’t be off early today which sucks because I’m still sick and need any help I can get. So moving on I let the dog out after the therapist leaves and a few minutes pass and it was raining so I let him pee in the front yard…don’t you know I’m so tired I forgot about my dog!!! So like a half hour later I realize he’s not under my feet and I panicked and call Jacob and he’s like I got him and I’m thinking he walked to your work? I didn’t realize it was his lunch break and he had picked him up down the street. Again everything is fine he’s safe so now we laugh about it. Well then I decided to let Jackson play in the tub to burn some energy since we can’t go out because it’s raining. Everything was going good and I decided to run grab his milk to give him after his bath. I come back to the bathroom in like a split second and no he didn’t drown I can see him in the bathroom from almost anywhere in our tiny house. But he had pooped all in the tub. Which he never does and I wasn’t mad but poor thing he was so upset because he understands you don’t poop in the bath. But I consoled him cleaned up the mess and put him down for a nap. And after I got a chance to eat lunch and relax I realized it’s Friday the 13th and I laughed because it has been an eventful few hours since we woke up but nothing bad. But Id love to hear more people’s Friday the 13th stories! Please share and leave a comment below. And subscribe to my blog I’ve got a bunch of products to share coming up and some fun giveaways!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!! 

x o x o Brandy