The diagnosis 

So I have been kind of absent from blogging lately, and just posting in general. I haven’t went into much detail with anyone about my situation out of fear of people not understanding, or believing me or just judgment in general. But since I am so behind and I’m working diligently to get back into the swing of things I will make this as short as possible.

My son has always done a few subtle things from the time he was about 9 months old and on. Then around 20 months those things began to start adding up, as well as some things started going away. Basically my son always had a few little odd things I didn’t think much of…until he began to lose skills that he had pretty much mastered for his age. And I know my son extremely well we are very connected and I knew something was going on. I didn’t know what at first but I kept taking mental notes and reporting things to his dr. Looking back his dr had some concerns when he was 12 months and wanted me to try speech therapy, but I disagreed and said let’s wait and see he may begin to pick up skills overnight. But by his next big check up at 2 I began to have some concerns for more than just speech. So we went ahead and enrolled I early intervention and had him assessed. Which is a very long drawn out process but I had so many suspicions I knew it was all for the best. So we got his results and yes he did have some delays mostly in expressive language…but there were some other issues requiring more than a speech therapist so he was provided playtime therapy, speech therapy, and after further evaluation occupational therapy. And we are still learning this is by no means easy or decisive he wasn’t just seen and then us the parents given one blunt solution or answer. So I continue to learn and teach him as we go through this process. I began to notice that he was different in certain ways from other kids his age. And people kept saying oh he’s  just a toddler and he’ll grow out of it and with therapy I’m pretty hopeful he will improve. But I started to look into everything more and more and realized that he possibly had sensory processing issues maybe even ASD. Well his coordinator for EI listened to my instincts and concerns and we continued to do further testing. And while this hasn’t been quick and easy I stuck it out for Jackson so I would know how to best help him get through this. So they gave him the ADOS assessment as the final test to determine if he was just mentally delayed or had ASD. It was very in depth and I’m grateful at how particular everyone was and thorough about collecting the information needed to correctly diagnose him. Thursday the 26th a day I will never forget for many reasons. They had a meeting with me and explained in detail why and told me that they had decided to give him the diagnosis as having autism spectrum disorder. It feels good to get it out as this is not easy even thought I knew deep down. It hasn’t been easy knowing his grandparents don’t understand or feel that anything is actually wrong. At this point I feel like all I have in my corner are his dad, his doctors and therapists and my friends. Hopefully in time they will understand more and be more open minded. But I am forever grateful to have the resources and help that he may need. And I as a mother feel validated, as throughout this long journey my suspicions have been constantly dismissed by those closest to me.

Our family is now own a new path in life but I’m confident that with therapy and support we will get through this.

That’s it for now! I hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween.

Xo xo Brandy