Beddy’s The Perfect Solution

So I recently found the perfect bedding solution for kids and busy moms!!! This bedding is perfect for someone who doesn’t have 20 minutes to spend making a bed. It’s perfect for little kids who like to feel secure and snug at night. My whole family is so in love with this bedding that I decided hubby and I needed our own set at well….mainly so he will make the bed… somedays!! Beddy’s is the answer. This bedding has so much detail yet it’s so simple and functional  I’ve not seen a better product on the market yet!

Beddy’s is a unique bedding set that’s super simple. It comes as one piece, your fitted sheet, comforter and no need for flat sheets or extra blankets because the inside of the comforter is lined with minky fabric. So it’s extremely soft and warm. Beddy’s is perfect for younger kids and busy parents because all you have to do to make your bed is zip up the sides. And the zippers on Beddy’s are very durable and tough. Even after daily repeated use and more washing than I’d like (because of diaper leaks..eek!) the bedding set remains in the same condition as the day I received it. The materials used for the comforter and fitted sheet are excellent quality, it’s definitely not cheap thin fabric. It comes with washing instructions when you receive your bedding so that you set the colors in your bedding. And then your good to go!

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