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My Labor and Delivery

My Labor and Delivery

First of all I want to let anyone reading this know the information is brutally honest though not terribly graphic. But if you are about to have a baby and are nervous at all you may not want to read this because what happened to me and my son isn’t a typical situation this is just MY story and what we experienced. Otherwise keep reading….I started my blog right after all this happened as an outlet since talking and writing about everything seemed to help me come to terms with what we had been through. I was never depressed over what happened to us, but it gave me symptoms similar to PTSD. I still get an uncomfortable feeling when I hear those sounds of the NICU or see a baby in the ICU. It always brings up those memories I’ve tried to bury. I’ll start by saying my pregnancy was pretty amazing for the most part. I was high risk but I took really good care of myself. I ate extremely healthy and I exercised almost daily. My husband and I took the usual recommended labor classes, (which I would never recommend to anyone), the only thing I got out of the class was when they taught us about measuring your belly at your check ups and how it should correlate with how many weeks pregnant you are. So fast forward to the same week as our L&D class I had my basic check up and before leaving the OB measured my fundal height and I remember she said 32cm that looks good. And I was like wait I’m only 28 weeks are you sure? So I asked if she could just check one more time and again 32..? So I asked could the date be that far off and she didn’t think so. So she ordered some more checkups including detailed ultrasounds. And it turned out that I had polyhydramnios…which is simply too much amniotic fluid. It is usually brought on with other conditions but after testing mine was unexplained as to why I had too much fluid, so the only thing left to do was monitor me closely for the duration of my pregnancy. This meant multiple doctor visits weekly just to see if the fluid would level out or change in any way. Well it didn’t. This is when doctors decided to schedule induction of labor at 39 weeks to make sure the pressure of the fluid didn’t cause any problems for my baby. I totally apologize that this is so long but bare with me. So anyway I still felt great the whole time, I was super pumped the day I went in for my induction. I walked my usual mile, went home and ate a sandwich and headed to the hospital with hopes to soon meet my little baby. Checking in was a breeze then getting settled into the room was also routine. It wasn’t until the student resident came in to talk to me about the drugs being used in the induction that things began to get uncomfortable. I had researched all drugs and methods of induction and when I was told what medication they had to give me I questioned them because I knew the drug was unsafe, unapproved and typically used in abortions and could definitely harm my child. But they told me the drug I asked them to use instead, (which was approved by the fda and safe for induction), wasn’t available at their hospital. So I had no choice but to pray that this dangerous drug would do no harm. So I let them insert it and I was fine. I was so excited…!!!

I couldn’t rest because I was too excited. And they ended up giving me ambien because they said I needed the rest for labor. Man was that true!! But I’m stubborn I fought the medicine and continued to stay awake, I was so excited to feel contractions and know that I was closer to my baby. Weird right? So the next morning around 10:00 I start to feel some cramps and asked what I could do for comfort and the medical staff said that a bath would not be a good idea. I don’t know why I feel like a bath would have helped, but I took a shower instead. It didn’t help much but I didn’t need an epidural just yet I wanted to hold out as long as possible. After more hours of waiting and the pain getting more unbearable (for me) I decided I could focus and stay relaxed if I got an epidural. Boy was I right. So at 4 cm dilated and no effacement I received the epi and was able to rest for a few more hours.

I really needed that rest break because I could not even begin to predict the chaos and events that were about to take place. I am going to stop here and continue my Labor and Delivery story part 2 in the following post. So if your interested in what’s about to happen continue on to read my next post.Thanks for reading my story! To be continued…If you have any comments or can relate feel free to drop a message below or subscribe to my page for updates!Brandy ~Brandys Adventures