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Labor and Delivery Pt2

3 years later...

Ok….this post is the second half of my labor story. I will do my best to summarize as much as possible because I could write an entire book on this if I wanted too.

So after I received my epidural I was able to relax and my contractions could do what they are meant to do and help me progress more. I received lots of checks from the midwife and the resident physician. Finally during one check when they were going to use a tool (I can’t think of the name) to break my water to speed up “progress”…. well it actually broke as soon as she checked. And my fluid came out in a warm puddle and I could see it appeared very brown and dirty, I remembered learning that this is a red flag. That along with my sons erratic heart rate was the first sign something wasn’t right. Basically I thought I had pooped because my fluid was brown to black in color. We knew that wasn’t normal but when we brought it up, our concern was dismissed. So we continue the waiting process to get to where I’m dilated and effaced enough to push. My sons heart rate continued to decelerate and then accelerate, another red flag that was dismissed. At this point I was over 16 hours into labor. They began giving me fluids in my arm and also through my nether regions…lol. By this time I was very tired and I knew something wasn’t right. But no one would listen to our concerns, I could feel something wasn’t right but everyone said “oh it’s just normal”! So again…more checks, and the physician said I was ready to push and she was getting the OB. So fast forward to the doctor is in the room were excited because I can finally try to push. Well we try, but nothing. Again lots of commotion and talking about me, but not to me or my husband. So the doctor again try’s to coach me through pushing because it’s kinda tricky to do, especially with an epidural. Still nothing. At this point babys heart rate is very low, he’s stressed I’m feverish although no one told me I was very sick and had a temperature over 100 degrees until later. So in attempt to make pushing more effective the dr ordered the nurse to shut off my epidural..because my son was stuck and we needed pushing to be effective. Ok well she did that, but neglected to tell me, that hey you are about to feel this pain, your baby is stuck and you have a very dangerous infection. Then the dr tried to turn my son in an attempt to help him move further down the birth canal. This is very excruciating and doesn’t work for us either. Although he wouldn’t have got stuck if the resident physician had known how to properly check for effacement. Later on I found out from the OB that I had an unfavorable cervix and vaginal labor would not have been possible at this point. At this time I was so sick and exhausted from 33 hours of labor, that I thought I was just going to stop breathing,…it seemed like all I could do. My concerns throughout the entire labor had not mattered so I thought about just giving up at that moment. Instead I yelled and I begged for a csection immediately because I didn’t want to die and I didn’t want to lose my son. By now me and my son had both contracted a serious bacterial infection called chorioamnionitus. We were close to death. So the OB over my “staff” came in and got the papers signed instantly and we went to the OR. It took about an hour total. But when they pulled Jackson out I knew something was wrong he was limp and completely blue. They had a neonatal team ready in the next room because they knew this wasn’t good. They revived him after a few attempts. He was still having a rough time not passing his apgar. He eventually passed so they let me glance at him before rushing him to the NICU. He had a lot of work yet to be done and he needed antibiotics immediately he was almost sepsis. I was also very sick and needed antibiotics and I needed to be stitched up. It was about 8 hours before I would see him again. At this point we didn’t know the full outcome of what would happen because he was so sick. He couldn’t hold his own temperature and he was struggling to eat and gain weight. He ended up on a feeding tube which messed up my plans for breastfeeding. Although we gave it a good try for 3 months Jackson had to be bottle fed formula so he could gain weight properly. He had been without oxygen for 5 minutes at birth. This could have been even more tragic but also could have been avoided had the doctors and nurses listened to our concerns. This was the first time I learned how messed up maternal care in the US really was. I will never forget what we went through and I will never fully trust doctors and nurses again, but I have learned to be my own advocate and be a voice for my son. But I’m so grateful to God, along with Jackson’s neonatal team and my recovery staff for helping us recover during our long stay at the hospital. That’s it, that’s my labor and delivery story. I have always wanted to get that out so other women are aware and know that you have to be your voice always and don’t let anyone put off your concerns you have about your body or baby. Always speak up and ask questions. When it comes to you having that feeling that something is wrong, that intuition is there for a reason and it should never be dismissed. Baby Jackson born 6-30-2015 at 3:11am

I am so glad I can share this story, it’s been almost 3 years and with baby number 2 due soon I just wanted to get it off my chest. I also want women to be aware of chorioamnionitus. It is pretty common but can be deadly. I do feel better prepared and more educated this time around because I have had a bad experience and I have learned to expect the unexpected but always advocate for yourself! If you think something isn’t right let someone know even if you have to scream at them to listen. I hope you will subscribe for updates I have new posts coming up and some video blogs so scroll down and subscribe to receive updates in your emails and comment below please if you want to share or can relate. Thanks for reading! Brandy A