Cool Jams Pjs

My new favorite thing about bedtime…is Cool-Jams! Not the music, the sleepwear. The fabric is so soft and gentle next to your skin…but has superior moisture wicking quality as well. This is perfect to keep you cool and dry on our humid summer nights in North Carolina.

Cool-Jams has been creating bedding and sleepwear for over 20 years. The fabric used to make their pajamas performs better than any other sleepwear tested. The fabric was first developed for the Canadian armed forces. They needed a fabric that was extremely versatile but as comfortable as wearing light weight cotton. This proprietary technology was later engineered into the cool-Jams sleepwear making it the most advanced performance sleepwear available.

Cool-jams pajamas are great for travel. And for people who stay warmer or sweat at night you can purchase their bedding products. They are designed to keep your temperature under the blankets more balanced rather than locking the heat inside.

I love their products! They wash and dry very easy and they don’t lose their softness like a lot of pajamas do after many washes. Also when you purchase a cool-jams product you help support one of many different women or family centered charities around the world. So head over to their site and check them out!!

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