Invisible Autism

Motherhood unplugged moment..I decided to get real and share some real life things today…usually I share real life but this is more personal I guess. A little story about my oldest son Jackson shown here on the right.

First time roller skating!!

Unpopular share today that might get some hate, but I feel like it’s something important for people to know and learn more about. So while some people may be aware already of high functioning autism, do you know what it is? Do you understand something that you can’t always “see” or that isn’t always obvious?
It’s not easy! Also if you have a family member who is on the spectrum while that makes us not feel so alone I want you to know that no two people with autism are the same….

They may exhibit some of the same general common traits but like every person they have unique personalities and behaviors(quirks). I have been with my sons unique journey since his diagnosis in 2017. I know all of his traits like it was nothing and to me it is now normalized I know most of the time what to expect with flexibility because things change he is growing up. Mainly I am writing this today because my son attended a birthday party yesterday and it was amazing. But it was a skating party. I am comfortable with him so I didn’t stop and think oh he has a fm delay, low muscle tone and sensory issues. I just wanted him to join and celebrate his friend because he’s a kid. But it can never go that smoothly right? We got there and got him to give it a try, it helped having his little brother excited to do it (he has no fear he was ready and willing). Not even a minute later while I am watching he slides and bounces on the carpet. Well, if you “know” someone with HFA Can have exaggerated reactions to certain things and for Jackson anything to do with “hurts” or just the thought of hurts he freaks out and I mean screams and cries as if he has broken bones kind of freaking out. And he did that. I expected it. I tried to talk him down but I needed to change up his current state to distract him. But I couldn’t do that in the moment people were horrified at the skate rink because they by nature rushed over to him to see if he was hurt. Meanwhile I’m trying to explain to everyone over the loud music he’s fine!, I saw it happen, I know my son, he gently bounced, he gets worked up!, finally I just shouted he’s AUTISTIC!!! I said I know you can’t tell he’s smart cute and sweet but this is a reaction he has in these situations even when not hurt. I know everyone had good intentions and I am grateful I told everyone thank you. I am thankful. But i also want people to understand that even high functioning autism has its downfalls and while it isn’t as obvious the ones dealing with it do struggle. I hope one day it is more talked about so people stop shrugging it off and they will understand it more because it does not come without struggles….and with that being said I am so proud of my son because he did get back up and try again and he is doing great for a first timer skating. And we are already planning more trips to the skating rink and looking for ones that offer sensory friendly days.