Treasure Your Child’s name forever with Namestories

“Your name, even when shared by scores of others, is your own private one-word poem. It contains multitudes, and it cannot be defined by its meaning alone, but by the spirit it gains through its historic evolution.” -Namestories

When I first learned I was pregnant I immediately started to wonder about what I would name my baby boy or girl. I even had a long discussion with my husband about what should baby’s name mean or symbolize. For example in his family he and his brother carry their fathers name as their middle name. So a name can extend a legacy of another family member. We also wanted their first name to have good strong meaning.

“When I first learned I was pregnant I immediately started to wonder about what I would name my baby boy or girl.”

I mean your child’s name is a forever thing. It was something we loved to see and hear. To have a piece of beautiful artwork customized with your baby’s name is so sentimental. They come in two different sizes, a complete rainbow of colors and you can customize some of the text at the top, we chose birthdates for our sons. These are very special to give to grandparents as gifts and to new parents. And if you can’t find your child’s name on the website you can just send them a message and they will make sure you can get your child’s name on a poster.

A little bit about the company, it’s a small business. When you go to their website not only can you read the story of how their business came to be but they have a nice section that explains the history of naming. It’s interesting and informative. So if you are looking for a birthday gift or welcome gift to new parents I will go ahead and link their website below so you can click and shop 😉

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Using the Lollipop Baby Camera

In a world, during a time where we have little control over anything, I find comfort in knowing what is going on with my kids when we are at home. I like keeping an eye on them even at night, actually more at night. I can’t be with them every single moment so I rely on cameras, and out of all the different ones I have I love my @lollipop baby camera the most. The lollipop has the best view, and the app is very useful having tons of different features like detecting baby’s cries, I can talk through the camera, I can play music from the app if my baby is fussy. This is sponsored but everything I am saying is my own truth and experience! I love the camera so much that when ours stopped working, I bought another one. It really is my favorite. We have had one other camera to hold us over while I figured out what was wrong with my lollipop and I found it was ok for outdoors or my living room. But, in my nursery the lollipop baby camera is superior. I can see the whole room, and most importantly I can see the entire crib. You have to have a good connection with wifi to get it set up but once the camera and app are set up you won’t want any other camera!! Once I got the camera set up, being able to see everything in the crib clearly was game changing for me. Most parents have fears about their baby while in their crib by themselves. So at night when I need to check on my baby I just open my app and I can hear every noise and see if my baby has rolled over or needs a blanket. It gives me peace of mind and comfort. This is a must have parenting product for any parents to be!

In a world, during a time where we have little control over anything, I find comfort in knowing what is going on with my kids when we are at home.

This camera was a game changer for me as a mom!!

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Allergy Relief for Dry Eyes

👀 Eye’m so in love with @similasanusa eye drops for allergy relief! With allergy season in full bloom I have unusually dry eyes which causes some minor burning. #ad #Similasan allergy relief eye drops have been very useful to relieve the burning in my eyes from the heavy pollen drying my them out….and they don’t make my eyes red or irritated in the process. I personally have found this product to be gentle and effective for minor eye irritation due to the heavy pollen. And I was super excited to find their product comes in travel packs that I can keep in my diaper bag to use if I need them while I’m out. I live in the “city of trees” in Jamestown and the pollen is brutal!!🍃This product is homeopathic. **Please check with your physician or pharmacist of course if you have any questions about using this product. I want to remind you any information I share here is my own, as well as my family’s experience with this product! I do recommend trying this product once you have researched and checked with your physician to make sure it’s ok for you!!! If you have any questions about #similasan #allergyrelief I’ll be linking their website in my bio so you can check them out for yourself!!👆🏼#homeopathic

Back to School Shopping With Kidson45th

Kids on 45th

::::Summer break is almost over!! And it’s time for back to school shopping…school supplies, books, and CLOTHING for your kiddos!! If your a parent who shops on a budget or loves bargains then Kids on 45th has sweet deals on everything even shoes.

They have created a super simple way for parents to conviently shop from the comfort of their own home….or from their phone. I mean who doesn’t have time to shop from their phone…pretty clever right? Sizes start at newborn and top off at 14/16 or preteen. Items average $4 and can be as low as $1.99 and max at $12.99. Their children’s clothing is gently loved (some items are NEW, I had 3 items with tags in my clothing haul) but guaranteed still good quality and if your unhappy with any picks or purchases all it takes is two clicks and you get credit for that item. You simply sign up through email and customize your kids style profile then build your box!

The best part is there is no subscription necessary. There is a seasonal option to set up a quarterly subscription of clothing for your kid before each new season but you have to go and turn that on. there ARE NO subscription obligations unless you want to sign up for a seasonal subscription that’s four times a year. Right now if you purchase a box totaling 65$ or more you get free shipping. There are no extra stylist fees! We were so excited to get some more summer clothes for Jackson and Eli.

Check out my video of our clothing from kidson45th!! Along with some outdoor clothes we go one pair of nice school pants for Jackson, an extra swimsuit, and T-shirt’s. Eli got a T-shirt, a few pairs of shorts and two coats…I wanted to be ready when it gets cooler! Every item looks great and I’m still swooning over Elis’ baby Columbia jacket…now we can go out twinning. If you need to get your shopping done click the link in my bio or check my stories for a swipe up link. And don’t forget to use my code at checkout [ brandy] to get $10 off of your first box!! Click the link to begin shopping today….

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