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•*Definitely not my typical share for this page, but I love this view.•*

~ ~When we were at the beach this year for our vacation I would get up first and take my camera out on the balcony and take some snaps of the view. Maybe I just really enjoyed the quiet slow mornings ALONE watching everyone in the community working so hard to get ready for all the tourists, I know it’s Myrtle Beach and it’s a money racquet for visitors but for us it’s how we have been celebrating Jackson’s birthday and now it’s a family tradition to come once a year…so I had a different appreciation and respect for Myrtle this year. (Also, I have been coming here for vacation and weekend fun since I was a toddler myself) There are lots of memories here and now as a family of four we have many more to be made. ⋒♡☼







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Vacation with a Toddler 

So I finally got that dream vacation with my little family at the beach!!! Me, daddy, Jackson and my mom off on our beach vacay. Not!…it was time well spent and we made some beautiful memories and traditions. But it was hardly a relaxing trip. Thats ok though, you live and learn. I feel much more confident and prepared for the next vacation with my toddler. Here are a few simple tips that can make traveling with a two year old  much more relaxing.

Naps are essential!!! Even if your LO seems to be having to much fun, still set aside a peaceful time during the day for them to snack, and rest up before the next round of activities. I learned the hard way about this.  My first day was filled with exhaustion, tantrums and chaos.  Once I added naps it was steady sailing…

Providing a somewhat daily routine makes it easier on your toddler because they don’t have to wonder what’s next because they don’t generally like surprises. They need some structure. So keep to a schedule, whatever vibes with your family.

Try to keep the days simple, not too many new activities. By the third day, I realized my son was very happy to get up eat breakfast and go sit and wade at the edge of the ocean, then take a refreshing dip in the indoor pool, followed by a few minutes in the hot tub and he was good for his nap. 

Ahh!!! Now back to the nap subject, that makes for peaceful time that mommy needs to regroup. And I really loved snuggling on the couch with my little guy for naps, since  it’s something we haven’t done in almost a year. These were much needed cuddles.

Snacks and music became essential. I hate to say bribe your kid but sometimes the battle isn’t worth it when you can give them a nice fruit or veggie pouch to eat on or some crackers. And my son discovered YouTube while at the beach!! It was great, the music videos were so soothing to him he actually fell asleep watching them on several occasions.

And bath bombs and bath toys are a great last resort when all else fails and you can’t get your babe to relax. 

We had what I considered a magical vacation to say the least. The ups and downs I wouldn’t change for a thing. Everything in this post is purely my opinion and may or may not be what best for your family these are simply suggestions from one mom to another. I hope you find them useful or pleasant to read. Please scroll to the bottom and leave comments or feedback!!! And dont forget to Subscribe with your Email for updates on my latest posts!!!