This is How My Day Went!!

He’s into frogs and bugs right now!

As mothers and women I think it’s important to help build one another up. This requires building up our confidence. Which means we need to be relatable, and be honest in our struggles. A big pet peeve of mine is looking to other amazing women for support, or connection and seeing perfectly curated feeds of perfect photos, perfect kids, perfect house, and then a caption about the wonderful things going on in their lives. Let’s be honest if your not being real you are not relatable, so I want to share about one of my insane days as a mom and wife. The truth I guess..?.

No edits here! Real life snaps!!

My day started off decent, I didn’t meet my sleep goals so I struggled to get up and keep up with the 20 different demands my 5 year old had starting at 630 asking for his IPad. I made sure everyone was fed, well except me. I munched on some cookies, some ramen whatever I could fit in between tasks. Then Jacob had to leave to run errands. I was about to take my “morning bath” aka my relax time alone for 15 minutes. And I realize I have to do this while the kids are with me alone. So I put up the baby gates. And the kids were on their devices with a snack across the hall, don’t worry Karen I have cameras and can hear and see them. Everything was going ok for about a minute when my oldest burst through the door then my youngest. Both with rediculous demands even though they had everything they needed. So during my cold bath, yes did I tell you the hot water ran out for some reason, so they brought toys in the bathroom. My toddler brought me some funions he had in his mouth and tried to feed them to me. I gave them my water thinking I would get maybe five more minutes. But instead they bring it back to me and guilt me into drinking it, which I normally wouldn’t do. But I was desperate so I drank it and it had backwash and funion crumbs in it…gag!! So I gave up and decided I just needed to get out I was not getting a break today lol and my toddler comes back in and laid down because he had pooped. It really was an eventful day. The kids were non stop I couldn’t even lock them out of my bedroom. I am not sharing to be negative, put my kids down, or complain. I want other moms to know I’m right there with you in solidarity!! I see your struggles your rough patches. They are temporary and we will get through them. And I want you to know you don’t have to appear perfect to be an amazing mom and woman!! And always be kind ladies you never know what another persons struggles may be!! As a fellow hot mess express parent I want you to know I will be honest and as transparent as possible. I want to build community and friendships with fellow parents!!! Drop a comment below, share one of your crazy days!!, and please subscribe for my latest content!!

Missing the cooler weather lately, looking forward to fall and making more memories outside!



Nanobebe Duet Diaper Bag

“As a mom, one of my favorite necessary accessories is my diaper bag.”

As a mom, one of my favorite necessary accessories is my diaper bag. For this stage in my life it goes with me everywhere so I want something stylish, and I need something that can handle holding all of the things my kids may need outside of the house, and sometimes inside the house!(I’m sure we’ve all ran out of diapers at some point and went straight for the diaper bag until we can make it to the store)
**The nanobebe duet diaper bag is designed to provide storage in duel level compartments. The top compartment is full of dividers and pockets to store different things you may need for baby. There’s a secure almost hidden pocket on the outside to put your phone, money, important cards and keys.

There is plenty of open space for clothing and any extras you may need to carry. It comes with a nice changing pad that has hidden pockets to hold wipes and diapers.(It’s washable!!) On the bottom there is an insulated space for any other items you might carry and a removable divider. So you could take out the divider and pack your breast pump to carry or you could put bottles, extra wipes, etc. I use it with the divider. It comes with a bottle cooler bag which I keep in the bottom and I use it to pack my snacks for outings! It has different options for carrying, it comes with handles, detachable shoulder strap, and stroller straps so it can attach to your stroller handle. I’m going to leave a link so you can check it out for yourself. (I’ll upload a video soon so you can see all the storage space in the duet diaper bag.) **Everything discussed is my honest opinion.


My Baby is Turning Two!!!

Yay!! My baby is turning two, and although we are celebrating his birthday differently this year I am still continuing my tradition of writing him a letter and then putting it away in his baby book until he is older..maybe 18, we’ll see. This is very special because not only is it his birthday it is my day of passage into motherhood and proving just how incredible and strong I am. So to me a birthday is a special day that only that mom and child share together. But most importantly I will share all of my heartfelt thoughts that I was thinking each year as he gets older and goes through different phases of life. So my letter this year is:


My only son I love you more than you will ever know. You have changed my life for the better. You have challenged me so many different ways. You have shown me how strong and intelligent you are as I watch you when you struggle to learn a new task or you fall down and scrape your knees. When you burned your hand on the hot iron and I felt like I was a horrible mom, or when you caught a cold and I didn’t realize it until you were getting better. You got through all of it and you are thriving and I am doing ok too. I will only get stronger and more knowledgeable and adapt as I have to deal with these new phases as we enter toddlerhood full force. It hasn’t been easy and you have upset me at times, left me frustrated, and feeling like I’m not game to be a mom. But when all is said and done you always kiss me every night and tell me you love me and I know that I have shown you that you have a safe place with me and I am someone you trust. I know just how blessed I am to call you my son. I may hang on too tight because in the beginning I didn’t know if you would ever come home from the hospital, but your a fighter and I don’t take one day with you for granite. So I also apologize if I’m a little overbearing and protective one day you will understand. I love you so much and I hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with love, family, and amazing new adventures. I love you Jackson.


This is my special tradition for my sons birthday, what traditions do you enjoy for your kiddos birthdays?? Please share in the comments section below!! And subscribe with your email address to get the latest blog posts.