Nanobebe Duet Diaper Bag

“As a mom, one of my favorite necessary accessories is my diaper bag.”

As a mom, one of my favorite necessary accessories is my diaper bag. For this stage in my life it goes with me everywhere so I want something stylish, and I need something that can handle holding all of the things my kids may need outside of the house, and sometimes inside the house!(I’m sure we’ve all ran out of diapers at some point and went straight for the diaper bag until we can make it to the store)
**The nanobebe duet diaper bag is designed to provide storage in duel level compartments. The top compartment is full of dividers and pockets to store different things you may need for baby. There’s a secure almost hidden pocket on the outside to put your phone, money, important cards and keys.

There is plenty of open space for clothing and any extras you may need to carry. It comes with a nice changing pad that has hidden pockets to hold wipes and diapers.(It’s washable!!) On the bottom there is an insulated space for any other items you might carry and a removable divider. So you could take out the divider and pack your breast pump to carry or you could put bottles, extra wipes, etc. I use it with the divider. It comes with a bottle cooler bag which I keep in the bottom and I use it to pack my snacks for outings! It has different options for carrying, it comes with handles, detachable shoulder strap, and stroller straps so it can attach to your stroller handle. I’m going to leave a link so you can check it out for yourself. (I’ll upload a video soon so you can see all the storage space in the duet diaper bag.) **Everything discussed is my honest opinion.

Dirty Kids Organics

 This is a sponsored post however the opinions expressed here are my own honest truths, nothing less than the best for my family and readers.

 So let’s get real about BO and DO… what do you look for in a deodorant? Considering we use deodorant daily you want the safest product you can find that also works!!! With companies always adding different ingredients and chemicals to our deodorants I am not comfortable with the effects these can have on my family or myself so I made the decision last year to only go with all natural deodorants. It wasn’t until recently I found the right product… that my family and I are happy to stick with and that is Dirty Kids Organics! This deodorant has it all, except the unnecessary artificial Ingredients and chemicals. So I’m sure your wondering what’s in this deodorant? The ingredients are as follows:

  • Coconut oil
  • Carnauba wax
  • Arrowroot powder
  • Shea butter
  • Baking soda
  • Essential oils depending on scent*
  • Lavender includes lavender, lemon, cypress, and rosemary

It’s  all 100% all natural and made for kids so it really kicks butt when it comes to odor while being equally gentle on all skin types including sensitive skin. My whole family is in love with their deodorants. This deodorant is not only 100% all natural,  its organic, cruelty free/vegan, aluminum free, non GMO, paraben and bpa free, and it works!!! With two sweaty boys in my house the deodorant has to be gentle on their bodies but tough on smells. Dirty kids Organics deodorant was made for kids while keeping in mind the importance of being gentle and safe for their bodies. This is so crucial with all the new discoveries of different additives and/or chemicals that are put in our everyday products that can cause harm to our bodies. You definitely should check out this shop. This mom makes small batches, handmade in America. So aside from a great product when buying from Dirty Kids Organics you are shopping small. This makes it possible for moms and entrepreneurs alike to be able to work at home and support their children and family. To check out this moms shop just click here Dirty Kids Organics . 

This deodorant is amazing, and I have severe eczema so when I find something this good that doesn’t cause any break outs I definitely will stand by it and I feel comfortable with my whole family using it.  I hope you all have a wonderful day!! Stay happy and healthy!



Mama behind the madness

Joys Of Boys


Salem Essentials: Handmade all Natural Bath Bombs


​After a long busy and stressful day what do most people do to unwind or relax??… Take a bubble bath right!! Well now there is a new trend, bath bombs!! With the rising popularity of bath bombs they are now an essential bathroom staple and they are becoming even more popular with kids. That being said, with a world where you can easily throw some chemicals together to yeild a quick cheap product for consumers you want to find the best quality for your children. And I have done just that. 

     I have tried about 15 different bath bombs and I found the perfect one right in my own town. How cool is that!! I kept going to local festivals and this company’s name and products continued coming up so I said ok I’ll check them out, there’s a reason they are so popular. And I was so impressed with their products I decided to connect with the owner/creator and learn more. 

     The amazing company I am sharing with you is Salem Essentials and Apothecary.  Candace and Jonathan the owner/creators are located in Kernersville, NC where they handcraft small batches of natural bath and body care products. Candace the mom behind the company has been in the body care industry for more than 20 years working with labs in the skin care and beauty industry. She knows her stuff and is very conscientious about what goes into her products. She has over 2 decades of experience with all natural beauty consumer products. But more importantly back to those luscious bath bombs, they have been developed with safety and skin care being top priority. They are free of parabens, phthalates, bpa, and formaldehyde ingredients. Their products are also sourced responsibly using non GMO ingredients and free of chemical preservatives. These bath products are made using plant based dyes no synthetics, so no stains on your tub or your family.! And if that’s not enough her products are PETA certified meaning they are vegan and cruelty free!

​​    So check out their shop for more information about them and their products through!! And if your still not convinced, check out their page on Instagram and enter the Salem Essentials upcoming giveaway for a chance to win a bag full of their childrens bath bombs!! I promise if you win you’ll be hooked they are by far the best and the only bath bomb my family uses. So go check them out they really are the bomb!!!​​​Also they have added their new kids Bath Bomb pack on their website…Click their link and check them out!!! ​​


The End of July…

At our house the summer flies by. My husband works long hours and I spend long days with my son. Then at night I will work on my blog and my clothing shop. We spend every moment of our free time outdoors at the local parks, the waterpark, or the kids museum. Doing these activities helps my son socialize, since it’s normally just he and I.  But now it’s the end of July and our schedule is becoming more regular as life slows down and we head closer to fall. 

Currently in our house 

  • We are obsessed with Salem Essentials all natural handmade bath bombs and soaps….
  • We are listening to our favorite edm djs…
  • We are eating homemade comfort food as I battle a nasty sinus infection…
  • Jackson is learning to speak using words and not angry grunts… 
  • We are in the homestretch with teething, he has four molars to go and they are coming in…
  • My new workout is shuffle dancing…
  • Jackson is learning to jump…
  • We are using essential oils on a regular basis…
  • Potty training is at a standstill…
  • We are binge watching Stranger Things on Netflix…
  • Lastly I’m on the hunt for some farm to table restaurants in my local area… 

I am looking forward to August. What’s  your family up to currently? Leave a comment below…and please subscribe to my blog as I have some awesome things coming up that you will not want to miss out on!