Summer By The Pool

We love summertime at my house!! Especially the long days that give us more time to be outdoors…including being poolside! This year we decided to invest in season passes at our local water park, which in the long run saves us time, and money. We live 10 minutes away so it’s something I can do with my son during the day to keep him busy and me sane. But there are some good things know before venturing out to the water park or just a pool in general. Check out my list of must haves and should haves…(I learned a few the hard way)

  • First always bring sunscreen 30+or higher and if possible get the broad spectrum so most of the harmful rays are covered. I bring all natural, lotion, and spray on and I keep them in a small wet bag in case any of them leaks. I really like having the variety because some days spraying us down quick quick is easier especially with a squirmy toddler.
  • Next this seems too logical but towels!! I have taken my family swimming and packed everything but towels, it can happen!! So I always roll up three towels… it’s a space saver to roll them in my pool bag.
  • Water. You can bring one outside bottle per person, and I always put my 32 oz bottle in the bottom of my diaper bag, because you can easily get dehydrated on these sweltering hot days if you don’t drink enough fluids or water. Most people in the water and sun all day don’t realize they haven’t been taking in enough water until it’s too late. 
  • I recommend bringing some antibiotic cream and some different sized bandaids. I and Jacksons dad both have been scraped, cut, and blistered at the park and I forgot to pack these simple things we needed. So I put them both in a small ziploc bag it’s so simple.
  • For your little on bring water shoes even if they may not use them. The pavement get extremely hot and can burn those little baby feet. And most water parks have cement bottoms in the pools because it’s easier to keep up with all the wear and tear the pools can get. These concert bottoms can really scrape babies toes so always great to have the water shoes handy.
  • Optional- When we go and stay all day we will load up or stroller with any bags and Jackson and it’s so much easier to protect our items and gives him the option to walk or ride. 
  • We always bring a wrist harness. It works very well and they are super cheap on amazon. They are worth it because when the park is busy and kids are running everywhere it is very easy to get separated when walking to or from your chairs or cabana.

 It sounds like a lot but we actually only carry two bags in for 3 of us including our toddler. And it’s always easy to pack up and tote around. But more importantly we have everything we need for a day of family fun in the sun. I hope these simple tips are helpful for you and your little on any pool side or beach outing you may be venturing too this summer.  

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    What’s for Dinner..?? Creamy Potato Leek Soup!!

      By the end of the day when it’s time to prep for dinner your tired, you’ve been cleaning, running errands, and mommying your butt off…so Im sure you want something quick and easy for dinner!! I’ve got the perfect solution to feed everyone in your family including baby!! This is a quick and easy peasy recipe that anyone, even beginners in the kitchen can make. And the best part is there isn’t much clean up after and the leftovers are great for freezing to have at a later date… 

    For this recipe you will need: 

    • 1 Leek
    • 3-5 golden russet potatoes 
    • (Optional) About 1/2 cup pre-diced butternut squash (I buy pre-cut in the produce section)
    • 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
    • Green onions (for garnish) 
    • 1 cup milk
    • Salt and pepper to taste

        To begin rinse your veggies. And dice the potatoes, chop the leaves off the leeks and slice the remaining bottom of the Leek. Add these to a one large pot along with the butternut squash and fill with water until all the veggies are submerged. Now let it boil until all veggies are mostly soft.

        Next, drain the water. And you can use a hand masher, or a blender for the next step.  You will toss the cooked veggies in your blender or food processor then add the cream, milk, salt&pepper and blend!! That’s it. Pour a bowl of your creamy potato leek soup and (optional) toss some finely chopped green onions or chives on top and serve. 

         I hope that you and your family enjoy this quick fix!!! And now you can have a more free time to relax since this dish does the work itself!! It literally takes about 5 min to prep, boil for about 30 minutes on high , then blend!!! Super simple and everyone can enjoy…buon apetite’

    Summer Lovin’

    Summertime is so magical and full of life… it’s my favorite time of the year for many reasons. But what really makes summer stand out??

    Here are ten interesting facts I found out about summer. I’ll start with the first day of summer which is in between June 20th and June 22nd every year.  The first day is called the summer solstice and the day can vary due to the Earth’s rotation.

    Second, scientists argue that summer babies are more likely to suffer from mood swings than babies born in other seasons. (They must have met my son, he’s a June baby)

    The popsicle, a popular summer frozen treat was invented accidentally by an 11 year old boy in 1905.

    July is national Ice Cream month, with that being said Americans eat an average of 20 quarts of ice cream each year.

    A classic summer treat, watermelon is actually part of the squash/cucumber family and is made up of 92% water. Americans consume an average of 15lbs of watermelon yearly.

    More thunderstorms happen during the summer than any other time of year.

    The first modern Olympic Games was held in the summer of 1896 in Athens, Greece.

    June was named after the Roman goddess Juno.

    The women’s first bathing suit which came complete with a pair of bloomers was made in the 1800’s.

    Last the frisbee!!! A must have summertime staple that was first introduced in the 1870’s as a pie plate.

    So these are just a few interesting facts about summertime. Hopefully they have inspired you a little bit so you can go create your own special memories, or plan an adventurous summer getaway with your family and friends.