Going Back to School during Covid

I only want the best for my son.

This has been at the top of every parents to do list for a while now. Going back to school during a pandemic. Is it safe? How will they do it? Will they have to close again? Why would they open when cases are rising? I’m sure I could have listed over 100 questions surging through parents minds all over America. This is something I never made room for when I had my firstborn, I always knew school would be the most important decision. But I never imagined making that choice during a deadly pandemic. My son is a rising kindergartener who is also autistic, and receives some therapy and goals for therapy through the education system. Our or my whole world has started crumbling in on me. It’s a temporary stressor, and feeling of being defeated..but nonetheless valid. And it is taking over right now. It’s hard to let these feelings just be because I never thought I would have feelings like this in my entire life. I have at this point tried to cover every scenario! My son has a spot at a Magnet school, he’s registered for virtual academy, and I have homeschool prepped and ready to go. I have tried to get all the private therapists I can to make sure he has everything he needs if we decide to homeschool. I have consulted with his pediatrician, therapists, past teachers, family and friends about this decision and about what they plan to do…we all have one thing in common. We all aren’t really sure and are having the same struggle. This is all the result of very inadequate leadership at the presidential level. But we can’t change things at this point, just try to stay safe. Learn from mistakes made. Collectively we can get through this if we lean in on every resource we have. All those dormant resources you never thought you would use check them out! You never know what you might learn and it may give you much needed peace about the choice you make for your child. Most of all during this have patience, allow yourself a chance to feel disappointed and then figure out your next move. Trust me when I say this is hard, but take this time to find your friends and tribe of people who can help and who you can help during this time.

Kindergarten 2020

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Treasure Your Child’s name forever with Namestories

“Your name, even when shared by scores of others, is your own private one-word poem. It contains multitudes, and it cannot be defined by its meaning alone, but by the spirit it gains through its historic evolution.” -Namestories

When I first learned I was pregnant I immediately started to wonder about what I would name my baby boy or girl. I even had a long discussion with my husband about what should baby’s name mean or symbolize. For example in his family he and his brother carry their fathers name as their middle name. So a name can extend a legacy of another family member. We also wanted their first name to have good strong meaning.

“When I first learned I was pregnant I immediately started to wonder about what I would name my baby boy or girl.”

I mean your child’s name is a forever thing. It was something we loved to see and hear. To have a piece of beautiful artwork customized with your baby’s name is so sentimental. They come in two different sizes, a complete rainbow of colors and you can customize some of the text at the top, we chose birthdates for our sons. These are very special to give to grandparents as gifts and to new parents. And if you can’t find your child’s name on the website you can just send them a message and they will make sure you can get your child’s name on a poster.

A little bit about the company, it’s a small business. When you go to their website not only can you read the story of how their business came to be but they have a nice section that explains the history of naming. It’s interesting and informative. So if you are looking for a birthday gift or welcome gift to new parents I will go ahead and link their website below so you can click and shop 😉

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Top Reads for Toddlers

I can still remember when I was a little girl how my grandparents were always reading to me. As an adult I love to read, and I knew when I had my own child that I would make it a point for them to learn how to read and better yet, to enjoy it. Reading is a big part of learning how to talk and interpret what people around you are saying. I have chosen our toddlers top 5 reads this summer and I think you should give one if not all of them a try.

1. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom: a fun rythmic rhyming book that teaches kids the letters of the alphabet.

2. Llama Llama Red Pajama: another lighthearted silly rhyming book that tells the story of a baby who is upset that his mommy isn’t with him every second of the day….I’m sure most moms can relate!!

3. The Pout Pout Fish: An adorable book with rhymes and different ocean creatures that gives your little one a story of hope and a happy ending about a gloomy fish turned into one who spreads happiness instead of sadness.

4. Good Night I Love You: This is a wonderful book to read before bed, this is one of the many loved books by Caroline Jayne Church. This book goes through the basic night time routine that children go through.

5. Goodnight Moon: I’m sure everyone knows of this wonderful classic with simple illustrations that are in colors of soothing tones and can definitely set the mood for any little one drifting off to sleep. 

These are the top reads in our household right now, what are some books that your children love to read on a daily basis?? 

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