What’s your jam?…


      Music is a universal language…and I think it’s fair to say most people like some type of music. With that being said I want to share my current playlist with you guys. I love a good mix of songs while I’m hanging out or running errands. I literally always have music playing it’s a pretty big deal in my house but before I ramble about why music is so important I’m just going to give you my top 10 playlist this summer:

  1. 2U-David Guetta ft. Justin Beiber
  2. Magic-Marshmello 
  3. Sikdope-Psycho
  4. Katy Perry-Swish Swish
  5. Skrillex-Bangarang
  6. DeadMau5&Kaskade-Move for me
  7. Ringo Star-The no-no song
  8. Matisyahu-Sunshine
  9. Rage Valley-Centipede 
  10. Kid Cudi ft. MGMT&Ratatat Steve Aoki remix-Pursuit of Happiness 

   Those are my top ten jams at the moment…I am always switching it up and adding songs. I love to dance and I share this with my son on days when he just needs to get rid of some of his toddler energy!!! And mamas it works he sleeps wonderfully after an hour of dancing. I feel like music and dancing in general really is a great way to communicate and burn off energy in a positive healthy way. So next time it’s raining out and you don’t want to watch tv with the kiddos turn up some of your favorite songs and have a blast!! So now the question is what’s on your current jam list? I’d love to know please comment below your top summer songs and add subscribe to my blog for latest products, music posts, and family adventures!!!