My Top 5 Favorite Breastfeeding Must-Haves

“Wether pumping or exclusively breastfeeding, it is hard work!!”

First of all, take a second to congratulate yourself because if you’re reading this you’re thinking about or are currently breastfeeding your little babe. Wether pumping or exclusively breastfeeding, it is hard work!! Now let’s talk about breastfeeding must have items. Every breastfeeding journey is different so I am sharing my favorite things to have available when nursing. This is my third breastfeeding experience, second successful one. I think three’s a charm because I feel the most confident this time around because of all the things I have learned from before.

So before baby when you’re gathering things for your nursing cart(I’ll share about this in a separate blog) or station, think about what you need most for comfort, health and convenience. My must haves for breastfeeding are…

  • A blanket, it doesn’t have to be big I just like to have it in case I need a cover, or just to cover baby and me to stay warm and cozy.
  • A hand pump, I have had mastitis, clogged ducts and engorged too many times and I have found through trial and error a good hand pump along with massage is the best way for me to get relief. It also is great because it is milk that dad can feed baby from the bottle.
  • Coconut oil, this is my first time using only coconut oil for massaging the breast tissue and for sore nipples and it works so well. You can buy it almost anywhere. It should be food grade. It is super convenient because even if you just applied it is safe for baby to feed with it on.
  • Water bottle, just like when I was pregnant, it is still important to stay hydrated plus I swear when your nursing you stay thirsty 24/7.
  • A snack, this could be anything from a banana to oatmeal cookies or lactation treats. Staying well nourished is important to making milk and staying healthy. You can’t pour from an empty cup!

While this is definitely not everything, these are the most important things to me, to have at an arms length when I’m nursing my little. Also most of these can be packed in your diaper bag for on the go use. I hope this is helpful, and I would love to hear some of your favorite items for nursing in the comments below!