Sweet Dream or a Beautiful Nghtmre!!

“Beats and bad dreams”…Tyler Marenyi AKA Nghtmre was born in Connecticut and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. A pioneer in the industry DJ Nghtmre has hit the ground running with his bass heavy performances at clubs and music festivals around the world!!

Tyler went to Elon University where he received a degree in finance before making the move to Los Angeles, California to pursue his music career. He is crazy talented and somehow manages to stay extremely humble. I was able to get this quick interview with Tyler to share with fans and people interested in his music.

Me: I have read that you are extremely shy and introverted….Do you still get nervous before shows?

Ty: I’m much less shy than I used to be. Being forced to get on stage and perform for people has helped me a lot. I don’t really get nervous anymore, sometimes I feel a bit anxious before a show but that’s just because I’m ready for it to start! Plus making and releasing music has taught me not to care what other people think. In the end, some people will love what you do and some people won’t. In the end, you jus gotta do your best and stick with it without being nervous about embarrassing yourself or people not liking it.

Me: I really love your approach to finding new and fresh sounds for your music. What else about your unique style makes you stand out in the EDM scene as a whole?

Ty: I think a lot of EDM banger type festival music lacks musicality to it. Making sure a song has a catchy melody and chord progression is something I always include, it makes songs more memorable in my opinion.

Me: What is your favorite original piece that you created and why?

Ty: Umm, maybe Street. Just because of the uniqueness of it.

Me: Can you briefly describe what your typical routine on days that you have a show/s is like?

Ty: Wake up in the morning..get a ride to the airport and catch my flight to whichever city the show is at. Arrive in the afternoon and check in to hotel. Go soundcheck if necessary, then go find some dinner. Then usually I have a few hours to either sleep or get work done before heading to the show. Arrive about 90 minutes early to venue for meet n greet/photos or whatever press/media needs to be done. Play the show, head back to hotel to sleep so I can wake up in the morning again to fly somewhere else.

Me: Wow although it sounds like fun that’s a very busy day!! I hope that question will help fans or upcoming musicians alike understand that it is still work or the J word…a job! I feel like people underestimate the work that good music producers actually do and the commitment of their time to do their job.

Me: What’s your favorite TV show?

Ty: Haha Idk, when I’m watching tv usually it’s to zone out at the end of the day, there’s not many tv series I get way into. Often times I just put Family Guy it Always Sunny in Philadelphia or Curb your Enthusiasm or some random comedy show. I like Stranger Things a lot also.

Me: I have read you enjoy cooking..I would love to know some dishes you really enjoy making when you have free time.

Ty: Honestly I haven’t had much time for cooking the last few years. When I’m finally at home it’s usually not more than a few days so I rarely end up buying groceries. I’m a master of all breakfast foods though haha.

Me: I may need some of Nghtmre’s breakfast cooking tips, lol.

Me: Everyone I believe has one bad habit or quirky thing about them..what’s yours?

Ty: Idk! Haha I thought about this one for a minute and couldn’t come up with anything. I’m sure there’s something though…

Me: How do you remain so humble?

Ty: I think once a person has realized that their ego is separate from who they really are, and that they’re no better than anyone else it’s easy to be humble. It’s amazing that people look up to me, and it drives me that I can inspire others, but in the end, I’m just making music and having fun. It’s nothing that would ever make me better than anyone else in anyway.

Me: Lastly, what venue/show are you most looking forward to performing in the future?

Ty: Gud Vibrations, Red Rocks next year with Slander!

So if you haven’t already check out Nghtmre’s new EP Pt.II which includes the new fire collab with Dillon Francis, and peep his new collaboration with Wiz Khalifa & PnB. DJ Nghtmre is consistently progressive in the electronic music world and always staying one step ahead. If you aren’t following him already you should. When it comes to creativity and musicality he’s definitely an innovative artist to support!!! Check out his ‘Nghtmre before Christmas’ tour going on right now!! And if you haven’t already go check him out on Instagram, and to hear his latest music you can find it on Spotify or Apple Music. Enjoy….



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