My Baby is Turning Two!!!

Yay!! My baby is turning two, and although we are celebrating his birthday differently this year I am still continuing my tradition of writing him a letter and then putting it away in his baby book until he is older..maybe 18, we’ll see. This is very special because not only is it his birthday it is my day of passage into motherhood and proving just how incredible and strong I am. So to me a birthday is a special day that only that mom and child share together. But most importantly I will share all of my heartfelt thoughts that I was thinking each year as he gets older and goes through different phases of life. So my letter this year is:


My only son I love you more than you will ever know. You have changed my life for the better. You have challenged me so many different ways. You have shown me how strong and intelligent you are as I watch you when you struggle to learn a new task or you fall down and scrape your knees. When you burned your hand on the hot iron and I felt like I was a horrible mom, or when you caught a cold and I didn’t realize it until you were getting better. You got through all of it and you are thriving and I am doing ok too. I will only get stronger and more knowledgeable and adapt as I have to deal with these new phases as we enter toddlerhood full force. It hasn’t been easy and you have upset me at times, left me frustrated, and feeling like I’m not game to be a mom. But when all is said and done you always kiss me every night and tell me you love me and I know that I have shown you that you have a safe place with me and I am someone you trust. I know just how blessed I am to call you my son. I may hang on too tight because in the beginning I didn’t know if you would ever come home from the hospital, but your a fighter and I don’t take one day with you for granite. So I also apologize if I’m a little overbearing and protective one day you will understand. I love you so much and I hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with love, family, and amazing new adventures. I love you Jackson.


This is my special tradition for my sons birthday, what traditions do you enjoy for your kiddos birthdays?? Please share in the comments section below!! And subscribe with your email address to get the latest blog posts.

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